7 things your nails can tell about your health

Nail Care requires a lot of time and money. However, the nails in our life do not play only aesthetic role: they are incredibly sensitive indicator and a real storehouse of knowledge about the state of the body.

There are 7 basic signals that serve our nails with health problems, and they should definitely pay attention!

7 basic signals

Any of these 7 signals can be a reason to see a doctor. Only a qualified specialist can confirm or dispel your concerns!

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1. Excessive brittleness. If the nail breaks at the slightest impact, it is likely that the body lacks zinc and iron, as well as vitamins A, E and C. Sometimes brittle nails can be a sign of prediabetic condition and thyroid disorders.

2. Irregularities on the nails. This phenomenon occurs due to unbalanced diet, injuries during manicure and even under stress. In more rare cases, this factor may indicate arthritis, especially if the skin under the nail seems brown.

3. White spot. In medicine this pathology is called leukonychia. Between the layers of the nail plate there are micro-bubbles which on the surface look like white dots or stripes. The causes of this pathology may be an unbalanced diet, nervous system exhaustion and heart failure.

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4. Detachment of the nail. In medicine this phenomenon is called onycholysis. In 60% of cases, it causes injury, and another 30% are allergic reactions and fungi. The remaining 10% are systemic somatic diseases.

5. White fingernails. If the nails are white, you need to check the cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as pay close attention to the liver.

6. Yellowish fingernails. Yellowness often provoke endocrine pathology, dysfunction of the liver, fungus and respiratory diseases.

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7. Bluish fingernails. the Bluish tone indicates that the body is experiencing a lack of oxygen. This can be explained by problems in the lungs.

Our body continuously gives us signals about the state of our health, and they definitely deserve attention!

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