7 petals – diet for those who want to quickly get rid of extra pounds

Anna Johanson is the developer of a unique diet aimed at effective weight loss. The name of the 7 petals diet was due to a non-trivial approach to the preparation of the daily menu. The ladies who decided to lose weight were offered to create a flower consisting of seven fragments. At the same time, each day of the week corresponds to a certain petal. They must be torn off in a strictly prescribed manner. order.

The Essence of the diet of 7 petals

The Duration of this approach to weight loss is established by such an original method – by the number of petals. A kind of game approach to compliance with this diet offers excellent motivation to fulfill all the rules and subtleties of the process. Interestingly, diet 7 petals results are demonstrated each and every day. After all, each new plucked petal shows that once again there was a overcoming of itself and a step towards its own renewal and obtaining a slender, taut and attractive figure.

It should Be noted and the fact that the diet of 7 petals menu offers right on the flower. You will need to each petal to make exactly the signature that will indicate the approximate diet. Nutritionists and psychologists recommend to make a bright and catchy flower of colored paper. This approach will allow even more passion to fulfill all the requirements.

Advantages of diet 7 petals for weight loss

As for the advantages of this method of weight loss, they are expressed primarily by the wide variety of the proposed menu. Monotony just do not threaten those who decided to lose weight on this principle. Accordingly, the probability to deviate from the rules and lose the results is minimal. Effective diet 7 petals exemplary menu gives the most variable, but to change the days between them is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized change of rules will not allow to achieve visible results. Also, the nutritionist proposes to exclude coffee drinks and sugar from his own menu for this period. What is remarkable, the weekly diet course can be applied almost unlimited number of times. Since almost all the useful components of the body will receive, you can not be afraid of side effects, exhaustion and dehydration of tissues.

Women's feedback on the diet 7 petals for the most part positive, because the meaning of the diet is transparent and understandable to all. You will need to alternate between carbohydrate and protein dishes. It is this approach that allows you to effectively release the body from extra centimeters and will not adversely affect the full functioning of the organs. As practice shows, every day a person loses up to 1 kg of excess weight. The popular diet 7 petal photo offers where the slimming effect is clearly visible.

Special attention should be paid to the allowable number of products that should be consumed daily. There should be a maximum of 1.5 kg.

Approximate menu, which offers this diet, calls the first day fish, in during which you can use this product in stewed, boiled or steamed.

Vegetables are the basis of the second day. Lax petals diet 7 recipes offers the most variable. Vegetables you can make stew, salads, juices.

The Third day offers so-called chicken diet. The bird can eat plenty, the main thing – to remove the skin from it.

Cereals are the base of the fourth day. The emphasis should be made on grain loaves, cereals and sprouted grain.

On the fifth day, you should use the cheese. It is allowed to combine with unsweetened tea and low-fat milk.

Fruits are preferred for the sixth day. They will be perfectly absorbed in combination with herbal infusions.

Original diet 6 petals 7 day proposes to make a discharge that will allow you to fix a slimming effect. Food in this period is excluded. However, you can only drink water, free from gas, fillers and sweeteners.

The world-Famous 7-petal diet gets the most rave reviews. This is due to the availability and ease of compliance. What is remarkable, the diet is so well-chosen that people can not only lose weight, but also to release your body from accumulated toxins over time, toxins and get rid of swelling.

Disadvantages of the method of weight loss 7 petals

However the 7 petal diet has disadvantages too. The cons expressed in the fact that:

  • it is forbidden to pregnant ladies and people prone to gastrointestinal diseases;
  • it turns out it is difficult to return to normal regime nutrition;
  • total failure for long the term from a number of products provokes the inability of their digestion by the stomach in the future, which entails some health problems.

It is worth remembering that the pros and cons of this diet how to diet 7 petals women's forum almost every site sees on its own. Therefore, before deciding on its use, it is still useful to consult with a professional nutritionist.

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