7 main reasons why you want sweets so much

Strong craving for sweets has become a global problem. On the one hand, we understand that in order to maintain health and a beautiful figure, it should be abandoned.

But how can you pass up flavorful rolls and cakes, which are literally screaming, "Eat me!". Fortunately, having understood the reasons why you want sweets so much, you can escape from the destructive passion!

7 causes of thrust to sweet

Observe yourself, analyze and identify the real cause of the craving for sweets to work directly with it!

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1. Emotions. Often women eat sweets stress, emotional stress, lack of attention and bad mood. Sweet increases the production of the hormone joy, serotonin, and for a while the mood improves.

2. Lack of certain elements in the body. Strong craving for sweets may indicate a lack of chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, b vitamins or tryptophan in the body. To dispel or confirm this assumption, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

3. Lack of carbohydrates. If from time to time you practice a low-carb diet and like to lose a few pounds in a short time, then your body just does not have enough energy. V as a result, you break into sweets that are rich in simple carbohydrates.

4. Formed a habit. Parents since the childhood accustom the child to that he will receive candy after all finish. Such a sweet reward it leads to the appearance of a bad habit, which is transferred to adulthood, when every meal must necessarily end with dessert.

It's interesting! ☝ According to statistics, about 70% of all finished products contain sugar. There is a list of "insidious" products, which, it would seem, should not contain sugar, but it is present in them (and in large quantities).

5. The lack of sleep. If you are drawn to sweets in the morning, it is likely that you just do not get enough sleep and feel sluggish. In this case, it is better to recharge with the help of complex carbohydrates (various cereals and vegetables), rather than sweets.

6. Sweets are strictly forbidden. If you put the sweet in "black list" of products, from which grow side, you will want him even more. And the more you forbid yourself, the more you want!

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7. Diseases. Strongly pulling on sweet diabetes, and even when a person is in a state of gipoglikemii, that is, with permanently reduced blood sugar levels. If you suspect yourself of any disease, be sure to consult a doctor.

Note! Beans, herbal tea, celery, kefir and broccoli will help to kill the craving for sweet. But coffee can be a bad service, provoking a sharp drop in blood sugar levels and thereby increasing the craving for sweet.

Now you know the main reasons for the craving for sweets, which are the key to solving this problem!

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