7 knowledge about the completeness, hidden under the myths

Half a Century ago, European beauties tried to match the ideal of female beauty with lush Breasts and large hips, until the talented provincial Coco Chanel intervened. Having herself quite modest forms, she introduced this standard in the fashion world, and feminism only added to his popularity, and secular ladies massively dieted.

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One person is able to change the idea of the world of beauty, and in fact on the parameters 90-60-90 has grown more than one generation. How many little-known facts about completeness are hidden under myths? Stop thinking in clichés – let's get acquainted with reality!

Completeness not only from overeating

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The Love of food – a common way to grow fat, but not the only one. One of the main causes of completeness, not related to food, is the failure of hormones, and they affect weight, at least a dozen in our body.

Most Often the cause of completeness is hypothyroidism – a lack of thyroid secretions. The female part of the population is exposed to it in 10 times more often men, however and the latest he, too, threatens to. Inhibited metabolic processes, while not assimilated useful properties of food, and deposited in the form of extra pounds. And the lack of sex hormones makes it impossible to get rid of the already built-up volumes.

Taking medication can also provoke the appearance of excess weight. Depending on the side effects - slowing metabolism, increased appetite, changes in insulin release - a month you can dial from 500 g to 5 kg.

Stress, lack of sleep, boring life, the habit of having fun with food will also affect the volume. Therefore, before you get upset because of the numbers on the scales, you should think about why excess weight arose.

Not all destined to be skinny – and not all need to!

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Modern female thinness is an exceptionally new phenomenon. A few decades ago the standards of beauty were completely different, and today's skinny girls would hardly fit into them.

Moreover, research shows, that moderately complete people on indices far healthier thin. Resistance to insulin in the blood of too slender people can cause some cardiovascular diseases, as well as people with high metabolism sometimes weakens the immune system, resulting in reduced resistance to infections.

Healthy completeness has a very specific options

  • waist for women - up to 89 cm;
  • hit the norm indicators such as: blood pressure, cholesterol, the amount of sugar in the blood;
  • moderate insulin sensitivity;
  • feeling good.

If a person with such indicators feels good and confident in his body, then he certainly does not need to lose weight. Moreover, the dropped kilograms can cause various diseases.

Cellulite and excess weight – different things

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No One not espoused since the Rubens orange the crust is-quite not a sign of excess weight. Most doctors do not consider cellulite to be moderately expressed in the form of a disease, moreover, its absence in an adult woman can be a sign of hormonal violations'.

The thing is that a little loose subcutaneous fat is a consequence of planned hormonal changes, and its appearance in 20-25 years is normal.

However, a pronounced orange peel is considered an aesthetic defect, and it is worth getting rid of it. The cause may be a violation of peripheral blood supply, impaired functioning of hormones or genetics.

In any case, are subject to cellulite as in skinny, so and bbw in same measure.

"Swing" the weight harmful of fullness

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Diet, configured to reduce weight, help to lose extra pounds, but slow down metabolism and bring down the rate of insulin production. As a result, after the diet, even moderate portions are perceived by the body as more caloric. First, it causes the weight to return and even increase. Secondly, the body is a fine-tuning tool and intervention in its processes is not in vain.

Jumps in the diet from hunger to eating back reduction of muscle mass, chronic fatigue, problems of digestion and cardiovascular system, cellulite and insomnia.

Chubby like men more often than we think

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Hollywood cliches make to think, that men like only skinny, but that same then to do chubby? Only lose weight without a chance to find a pair, to the cherished 90-60-90?

As practice shows, chubby women are no less popular than slender. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the figure is a matter of taste.

Main weapon of seduction are not the volume, and the smoothness of the curves and contrasts. A girl with large Breasts and wide hips may not have a wasp waist and still be attractive to the opposite sex.

Meet not on figure

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Evil jokes about female friendships make believe that we choose friends on the figure: "Nothing is more slimming, as the chubby chick." But let's take a deeper look: who among you is friends with a person simply because he is thin?

In normal life, the influence of the figure on communication is almost zero and affects self-perception more than the real relationship people to interlocutor. If completeness does not cause health problems and is not the cause of complexes, then you should not attach great importance to it.

Obesity in different countries of the world

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Every second adult and every sixth child in the world is subject to different degrees of Obesity, and the indicators are only growing. However, in some countries the degree of excess weight much lower than in others, and this is due to national genetic characteristics and traditions of national cuisine.

Mexico, the United States, Hungary and New Zealand have been stubbornly holding the Leading positions for several years. The lowest rates of weight in South Korea and Japan.

Notably, women with low levels of education and low level of intelligence suffer from obesity more often than their clever opponents.

Russia found itself in the the center of the obesity rating among the population: slightly less than 20% are overweight.

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