6 ways to speed up metabolism for sweet tooth

High metabolic rate is the main condition for weight loss. After all, the faster the body processes food into energy, the easier it is to get rid of extra pounds.

Fortunately, metabolism is amenable to correction even in those people who can not give up the sweet. There are 6 ways to speed up metabolism for sweet tooth!

1. Eat dark chocolate

Chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa beans helps to cope with bad mood and stimulates brain work.

Chocolate helps to produce "hormones happiness"

However, this product has another magical property: it normalizes the sensitivity of cells to insulin, as a result of which the body actively processes food into energy, not fat. For achievement the positive effect is enough to eat 40 grams of dark chocolate a day.

2. Drink green tea

Green tea removes accumulated slags, carcinogens, heavy metal salts and toxins from the body, which slow down metabolism and provoke the appearance of edema.

In Addition, this drink activates the cardiovascular system and helps to consume calories faster. However, do not abuse the green tea - 2 cups a day will be quite sufficiently.

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3. Adjust sleep

Restful sleep contributes to the active development of growth hormone - somatotropin. It is involved in cell renewal and helps to speed up metabolic processes in the body.

Healthy sleep is the best helper losing weight

In Addition, somatotropin lowers the production of ghrelin, which is called the "hunger hormone". For proper functioning of the body experts advise to sleep at least 8 hours a day in complete darkness.

4. Be active

To maintain a high rate of metabolism, it is recommended to give cardio training (running, jumping rope, swimming, Cycling) 3 times a week for 40-50 minutes and at least 2 times a week for half an hour to give power exercises (twisting, plank, push-UPS, squats with a barbell).

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If you do not have time to visit the gym, try to move more in everyday life. For example, just walk at least 15 minutes a day.

5. Add in food burning seasonings

A Variety of hot spices (chili, ginger, black pepper, etc.) contain substances that accelerate blood flow, reduce cholesterol and increase calorie consumption, even when the body is at rest. Another bonus spicy foods are thought to reduce cravings for sweets.

Spices - the best fat burner

Note! Nutritionists recommend at least occasionally replacing dinner with a glass of one-percent kefir with a pinch of pepper and cinnamon.?

6. Be sure to have Breakfast

Breakfast should not be missed, as it is a "trigger" that accelerates metabolism in the morning and helps control your appetite throughout the day. People who do not eat Breakfast usually abuse unwanted snacks and late meals.

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To morning meal brought only benefit, it must be correct. The best Breakfast options - omelet for a couple, low-fat cottage cheese, smoothies, various cereals.

Slowing down metabolism is easy: a lot of things lead to it. However, it is in your power to speed up the metabolic processes, using 6 simple methods!

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