6 reasons you get wrinkles

Wrinkles - not always a sign of age. Often we provoke their premature appearance of their habits. If you refuse some actions, there is every chance to keep smooth skin even at a respectable age!

1️⃣ Aggressive cleansing of the face

Cosmetologists are advised to avoid rough cleansers and scrubs abuse. In an attempt to make the face as clean as possible you violate the natural environment of the skin. It becomes more vulnerable to negative effects wind, UV rays and free radicals. As a result, the skin dries, cracks and premature wrinkles are formed on it.

2️ sleep Face in pillow

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The Habit of sleeping face-to-face in a pillow leads to mechanical damage to the skin, causing wrinkles-creases. They are especially pronounced on the side on which you are used to sleep. With age, the increasing asymmetry of the face will be more noticeable. However, you can avoid the negative consequences if you sleep on your back.

3️ drinking Through a straw

Not the most common reason, but if you happen to be lucky enough to SIP cocktails often, give up straws. Regularly squeezing the muscles around the lips, you contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Over time, they become deeper and much older face.

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4️ Smoking

Pernicious non-Smoking only affects the skin condition. Cigarette smoke worsens the blood supply, which means that the flow of nutrients to it. Moreover, in response to Smoking the organism produces the enzyme that breaks down collagen (a special protein) that is responsible for skin elasticity.

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Another disadvantage of Smoking is that during it, the facial muscles work about the same as in the case of a drinking tube. Now imagine how many times a day a smoker reproduces the same movements, provoking the appearance of wrinkles.

5️⃣ Lack of fat in diet

"I don't eat anything fat!"- often say the girls who watch their figure. And utterly for good reason! After all, without useful fatty acids, the skin becomes dry and covered with wrinkles. To avoid negative consequences, it is recommended to use olive oil, nuts, avocado and sesame.

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6️ active facial expressions

Completely deprive yourself of human emotion is, of course, too. However, abuse of antics, as in childhood, is not necessary. Remember that old saying, "don't be face, or you'll stay like this for life"? So, this prospect is quite real.

Aging is a natural process that can not be stopped, but can be slowed down if you get rid of habits-pests!

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