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Express dietExpress diet for 3 days 5 kg

Women being rapid, you've decided to lose weight, but want to get immediately! It's true! Why do we need extra 3-5 pounds. And if the nose is also a meeting with former classmates-classmates, corporate or wedding, then the Express diet becomes a panacea.

By Interviewing women, what precisely diets are the most best, get have mandated effective Express diet for weight loss, so:

6 Express diets that really help to lose weightSuper diet for Express weight loss 1.5 kg per day

1. Super cardinal option – crackers and water.

  • In a day is permissible to drink 1.5 liters of green tea as you want plain water, mostly warm, eat a few crackers and a green salad, no dressing.
  • And times in two days you can afford to vegetable soup, of course same, without potatoes, pasta and other cereals.

The Result is not long in coming – minus 5-8 kilograms in a week!

2. Want a model figure?
Feel free to choose diet models. Cottage cheese + tea.

  • For Breakfast, eat a boiled egg and drink a glass of tea.
  • In the afternoon you can treat yourself to 200 grams of cottage cheese, no sour cream, of course, to wash it all down with tea.
  • Dinner can afford the same as lunch.

No water, of course, do it as you want!
And after 3 days of Express diet – minus 3-5 pounds.

3. Love soups?
Then You will certainly be lucky! The whole week, for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, You can, eat SOUP! In between, don't forget about water! Vegetable, but not on meat broth – they are an amazing tool to lose a week from 2 to 4 kilograms.

4. Where are we without Larisa Dolina?
Nowhere! So, I ask to love and favor – from kefir diet Larisa Dolina! But this does not mean that you can only eat it. It suggests this option.

On the first day, eat 5 boiled potatoes +1.5 liters of kefir.
Secondly, to 1.5 yogurt, add 100 grams of boiled chicken.
In the third, you can treat yourself to 100 grams of boiled red meat and again, 1.5 liters of kefir.
In the fourth, Your meal will vary 100 grams of boiled fish and 1.5 liters of yogurt.
On the fifth day, in honor of the previous four well-lived, feel free to eat vegetables and fruits in any amount, not forgetting to wash them down with 1.5 liters of yogurt!
On the sixth day, pay tribute to your beloved kefir, and the entire day drink 1.5 liter.
On the seventh day only warm water in any quantity is allowed.

After such diets will lose 3-4 kilograms!

5. AAA bananas, coconuts, AAA orange Paradise – if you want, you can and stars, is wanted - from the sky to collect!
The beautiful song of the band is Brilliant. And what the right!

Diet pineapples + lemons:

Drink lemon juice For Breakfast, diluted with water, and for lunch and dinner, eat half or the whole pineapple. Water drink in unlimited quantities.

And for 3 days – minus 3-5 kilograms!

6 Express diets that really help to lose weightEffective diet for 3 days minus 5 kg

6. Mesocycle? Not so bad. This diet is just for You! In just 4 days you can lose 5 kg.

  • On the first day, opt for boiled rice and tomato juice, nice, but you can to use these products in any quantity, the main thing do not add salt!
  • In the second day stop on kefir and cottage cheese.
  • In the third – goose and Turkey drink tea.
  • And on the fourth day – a celebration of life – the day you can drink a bottle of dry red wine and eat cheese necessarily. Try not to drink water!

Before you sit down on any of the above pretty severe diets for weight loss Express consider whether you will allow them to withstand your health!

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