500 calories per day

Diet and 500 calorie diet500 calories per day is very little for an adult healthy body. If this number is divided by 3 meals, then go out for Breakfast – 150 calories, 200 for lunch and 150 for dinner. In this case, the body will begin to occur not the most positive processes, and soon you will notice apathy, drowsiness, irritability. All these symptoms signal one thing – lack of nutrients in the body, which can lead to undesirable consequences.

Can I consume 500 calories per day?

If you systematically consume 500 calories a day, you can "earn" a lot of chronic diseases and spoil your appearance by poor condition of hair, skin and nails. The daily menu should be full and varied. Diet, designed for 500 calories, not the best option for weight loss. So how many calories do you need to consume to lose weight? If you lead an inactive lifestyle, 900-1000 calories a day will be just right. However, if you are determined and intend to lose a couple of three extra kg in a short time, you can spend a fasting day at 500 kcal. This diet is suitable for those ladies who urgently need to get in shape for any holiday or celebration.

Example diet in 500 calories on day

Nutritionists Often ask the question: "is it Possible to arrange fasting days at 500 calories?". In fact, such days are not mandatory for healthy weight loss. Of course, you can get the result, but it will be short-term.

It is Better to arrange such fasting days once a week and not there is, in such a case after 15-16 hours.

Because large gaps between meals have a negative impact on health. How much to starve you decide, but in this case it is important not to overdo it.
The diet menu of 500 calories for 1 fasting day is about the following:

  • Breakfast – coffee without sugar, cream;
  • lunch – chicken breast (100 grams), cauliflower (200 grams);
  • dinner – vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes).

This option menu fasting day has many excellent reviews of those who use it for rapid weight loss. If you decide to Express weight loss and want to quickly lose a couple of extra kg – feel free to contact this diet.
Diet and 500 calorie diet

Types of fasting days

Fasting days can be different. The most positive reviews have the following options:

  • Potassium day – with edema (500 g of dried apricots);
  • Cucumber – with high cholesterol – (1 kg of cucumbers);
  • Apple day – for sufferers (1 kg apples);
  • Protein a day for a fast metabolism (350 g of boiled meat or 400 grams of fish, vegetables – 800 d);
  • Milk day – for rapid weight loss (6 glasses of milk or kefir).

Note that how much to eat of the allowed product you decide on your own. These rules are only Advisory in nature.
Diet and 500 calorie diet

500 calorie Menu

Many people have no idea what to eat to keep within 500 kcal per meal? We decided to offer the best menu:

  • buckwheat porridge + 1 Apple;
  • cottage cheese + banana;
  • egg (boiled), kefir (1 Cup), chicken breast (100 g);
  • citrus;
  • steamed fish;
  • oatmeal with raisins.

Now that you know what to eat at 500 kcal in a single meal, you can vary this menu or change it in your own way.

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