5 ways to quickly get rid of cellulite at home

It's summer, and you do not want to wear short skirts and shorts because of the hated "orange peel"? Instead of getting upset, better start acting!

Complex using 5 simple ways, you will quickly get rid of cellulite at home!

1. Adjust your diet

The appearance of cellulite is affected not even by the quantity but by the quality of food. "Garbage" food (semi-finished products, chips, fast food, etc.) leads to the accumulation of fat. A surplus of salt in it provokes stagnant phenomena that are characteristic of cellulite.

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To defeat the hated "orange peel" should be reduced in the diet of potentially dangerous products for the figure. And it is better to refuse salt at all. Instead, it is recommended to add the dishes are a variety of herbs, spices and lemon juice.

The Best anti-cellulite products are citrus, green tea, celery, broccoli, carrots and porcini mushrooms.

2. Make anti-cellulite wraps

Wrap - a popular procedure in beauty salons, but it is easy to perform at home. To do this, apply a special mixture to the problem areas and turn into an ordinary cling film. For maximum the effect is to cover yourself with a blanket or wear warm clothes. After 40-50 minutes, the mixture should be washed off with ordinary water.

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Simple recipes for anti-cellulite wrap mixtures:

  1. Mix a few tablespoons of melted honey with 2-3 drops of citrus essential oil.
  2. Melt 60 g of dark chocolate and mix it with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Take the blue clay and stir it with water to a thick homogeneous mass.

A full course of 12 wrap sessions is Recommended. The optimal frequency is 2 times a week.

3. Do sports

Lack of muscle tone makes the skin flabby, which contributes to the appearance and spread of cellulite. Therefore, it is important to exercise regularly.

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For optimal results, combine cardio with power training. Three training sessions a week for an hour will be enough.

4. Avoid stress

Nervous overstrain adversely affects the adrenal glands, which leads to a violation of the water balance, and this is one of the factors of the appearance of cellulite. In addition, stress increases cravings for high-calorie food.

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To get rid of nervous overstrain, inhale aroma of lavender, take relaxing herbal baths, meditate and do breathing exercises. Also in this case, green tea, containing a unique amino acid L-theanine, helps well.

5. Scrub your skin regularly

Once a week, treat steamed skin with an abrasive to remove the keratinized layer. The procedure will give the tissues tone and improve the flow of oxygen into the cells.

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You can Prepare a natural scrub yourself. To do this, mix 1 tablespoon of coffee cake with 1 tablespoon of sea salt and 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt.

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Cellulitis -- a disease razblokirovanie of the body, but through sports, nutrition and beauty treatments you can make the skin more smooth and allow the body to tone!

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