5 ways to get rid of visceral fat

Visceral fat is located between the abdominal organs and protects them from possible injuries, acting as a kind of shock absorber. However, its overabundance not only spoils the figure, but also carries a great danger to health.

Visceral fat can lead to hormonal failure, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, rectal cancer, atherosclerosis and other diseases. Practical recommendations will help to effectively get rid of him.

1. Clean bowel

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Decomposition products accumulate In the intestine, from which the body protects the internal organs with a layer of fat. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out bowel cleansing. To do this, choose any method you want: medicines, folk recipes, etc. Cleansing the intestine will not only reduce the amount of fat, but also to put in order the skin, to establish digestion and get rid of chronic fatigue.

2. Observe the drinking balance

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Water is involved in the fat burning process and helps to activate metabolism. Therefore, every person who wants to get rid of visceral fat, it is necessary to observe the drinking balance. To do this, it is necessary to calculate its rate of water consumption per day at the rate of 35 ml per kg of weight and stick to it. To enhance the beneficial effect in the water, you can add ginger, cinnamon, mint or lemon.

Please note! With intense physical activity, high body temperature or hot weather, the rate of water consumption per day should be increased.

3. Maintain a comfortable emotional state

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Stress, lack of sleep, fatigue and intense stress have been Shown to contribute to fat accumulation and weight gain. When the body feels that the living conditions deteriorate, it begins to strenuously store energy in the form of fat, which can be used in "hard days." Also, stress and lack of sleep increase craving for high-calorie food.

4. Go in for sports

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To get rid of visceral fat, you need to exercise regularly or at least walk fast for an hour a day. Running, swimming, gymnastics, dancing effectively help to lose weight and prevent the deposition of excess visceral fat. There are also several effective exercises that have been specifically designed for the abdominal area. For example, the classic press.

5. Eat right

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Balance the amount and quality of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet. Sources of healthy fats are products such as avocado, nuts and olive oil, but they should be consumed in limited quantity. Speed up metabolism will help proteins, excellent sources of which are low-fat dairy products and dietary meat (for example, Turkey). Carbohydrates are best obtained from cereals, berries, fruits and vegetables.

There are products that are rapidly split and saturate the body with energy, the excess of which is deposited in the form of fat. These include products from white flour and sugar.

Visceral fat is burned faster than subcutaneous fat and therefore he's easier to get rid of. However, an integrated approach is needed. Only then you will achieve a stable result that will please you for a long time!

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