5 things that happen to the body in sleep deprivation

Each of us can imagine how lack of sleep affects well-being: lowered eyelids, attention is scattered and you can't stop thinking about how cool it would be to now be under the blanket...

However, the human body is incredibly complex, and lack of sleep can affect its function and health in ways you could not even imagine. Let's look at 5 non-trivial things happening to us due to lack of sleep!

1. Immunity

Frequent colds are often attributed to external factors, stress and weakened immunity. Herewith with lack of sleep, this condition is not associated, although it has a key effect on reducing immunity.

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Constant lack of sleep leads to suppression of antiviral protection. Moreover, "Wake up" dormant foci of infection. Therefore if you are often concerned about infectious diseases, it is important not only to consult a doctor, but also to provide the body with quality sleep.

2. Weight

There is a close relationship Between sleep deprivation and overweight. Lack of sleep affects the level of glucose and special hormones (ghrelin and leptin). These hormones are responsible for regulating appetite and satiety.

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Due to violation of the level of ghrelin and leptin we start to eat a lot and can not feel satiety. And it pulls on sweet and fatty foods. Another factor in weight gain is that people are less likely to be physically active when they are sleep deprived.

3. Skin

During sleep, the body builds collagen molecules that support skin tone. And with regular lack of sleep the skin begins to age faster. In addition, lack of sleep does not allow the skin to recover effectively, which means that the healing of wounds will take more time.

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Oddly enough, but constant lack of sleep can even lead to acne and eczema. The fact is that when we do not get enough sleep, the body increases the level of stress hormone cortisol, which increases inflammation in the body.

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4. Memory

With regular lack of sleep it is much harder to remember people's names and remember specific words. There are also problems with concentration and efficiency.

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You may start abusing caffeinated beverages to improve your performance and brain function, but in the long run, this habit can disrupt your sleep.

Note! ❄ If you feel the "energy crisis" in the gloomy winter days, it is better not to drink coffee, and useful natural energy. ? ? ?

5. Psycho-emotional state

People suffering from lack of sleep become more irritable and prone to mood changes. Lack of sleep is inextricably linked to stress, anger, depression and mental exhaustion.

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Therefore, it is important to restore the correct sleep and Wake mode as soon as possible. Thus, it is possible to prevent the increasing mental depletion.

As you can see, sleep deficiency can lead to weight gain, weakened immune system, skin problems, psychoemotional disorders and poor memory. To avoid negative consequences, sleep at least 8 hours a day!

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