5 simple exercises for beautiful priests from Vicky Odintsovo

Fashion Model and blogger Victoria Odintsovo is not shy to post in Instagram candid photos. He can afford.

Dream of the same figure? Especially for you, Vika showed 5 of her favorite exercises that help to achieve luxurious forms!

Favorite exercises Vicky Odintsovo

The Wiki says that her classes are always varied. For example, recently she I tried the fashionable fitness direction barre, which is a combination of ballet, yoga, stretching and Pilates. And earlier she was fond of classes on TRX loops.

Vicky Odintsovo told about 5 simple exercises for beautiful priestsphoto Source: instagram.com/viki_odintcova

Despite the fact that Vika loves to try new things in her regular fitness program for many years there are the following exercises:

1️ Squat with dumbbells. This exercise can be performed in different variations by experimenting with dumbbell weight and width leg plays.

2️ gluteal Bridge. This exercise also has several variations: it can be performed lying on the floor or leaning on a bench, with or without dumbbells.

Squat with dumbbells and gluteal bridge - exercises for beautiful priestsphoto Source: viqeo.tv

3️⃣ Press the heel with an elastic band. weights or shock absorbers can be used For this exercise.

4️Pacing to the bench with a squat. For maximum efficiency, you can pick up a dumbbell.

window.Ya.adfoxCode.createScroll({ ownerId: 275890, containerId: 'adfox_154841829969682647', params: { pp: 'odr', ps: 'czdh', p2: 'gbqk' } }); Press the heel with an elastic band and pacing on the bench with a squat - exercises for beautiful priestsphoto Source: viqeo.tv

5️⃣ Functional exercise for muscle endurance. it uses the loop loops TRX.

Functional exercise for muscle endurancephoto Source: viqeo.tv

Vicki notes that not only physical exercise but also nutrition play a key role in creating the dream body. You can kill yourself in the gym, but if you forget about it, the training will be useless.

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Vick advised to monitor not only the calorie content of your diet, but also for the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This is the only way to achieve the figure of your dreams!

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