5 signs that you always give the true age of the woman

There are 5 clear signs, which give understand, that before us not 25-year-old girl, and woman, which already for 40.

Even if she had preserved youthfulness of the face and slender figure, they will point to her true age!

1. Sagging skin on the chin

Ideally, the angle between the neck line and chin should be 90 degrees. It is believed that this angle makes the appearance more young and attractive. But sagging skin at the chin makes you look older women for a few years. Fortunately, there are special exercises that help to remove this deficiency and form a clear contour of the face.

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2. Wrinkled neck

No matter How youthful the face was not wrinkled neck immediately gives the woman's age. Therefore, it is important to constantly to care for such a delicate part of the body. To do this, it is recommended to use herbal ice cubes and peeling masks.

3. Pleats on elbows and knees

Elbows and knees seem insignificant detail, however their kind of can to nullify all your efforts to preserve early life. Often women forget about the care of these areas, as a result of them formed folds and sagging. To avoid this, regularly moisturize your knees and elbows with products based on oils'.

4. Pigmentation on the hands

If yellow-brown spots are on the face and in youth, the pigmentation on the hands and body appears with age. To get rid of this deficiency, you can use a variety of folk remedies or seek professional help. In the process of dealing with age spots, it is important to avoid active sunlight and do not forget to use sunscreens.

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5. Extended pores

Enlarged pores on the face usually add age. Dramatically narrow them with the help of care products is unlikely to succeed, since this parameter is determined by genetics. However, regular cleansing will help to improve the situation.

Removing these signs, you will be able to extend their youth!

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