5 reasons why a man is necessary for women's health

Since ancient Times it was thought, that female energy must be balanced male. And in our time there was a concept: "man for health".

Experts identify 5 main reasons why a man is needed for women's health!

1️ psychological Aspect

When a woman has long dwells in solitude, it seems that she turned off the inner light. She becomes irritable, prone to bad mood and grumbling.

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Being desired - one of the main needs of women. When she has a fan, the body mobilizes internal resources. The woman shines from the inside out, changing and getting younger. She's improving her self-esteem. mood.

2️ prevention of Gynecological problems

Prolonged absence of sex many women can tolerate with deceptive ease, but it may cause gynecological problems:

  • stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • increased risk of cancer, etc.

Regular sex improves blood flow in the pelvic area and helps to reduce unpleasant symptoms during menstruation. In addition, it reduces the risk of tumors, restores the normal hormonal background and makes the approaching menopause syndrome less expressed.

3️ hormones of Joy

During sex the brain synthesizes immediately three hormone joy: dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. They make a woman happy, relaxed and satisfied. Also they help to increase the ability to handle stress.

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It is Proved that even hugs and kisses lead to an increase in the level of hormones of joy. But their lack is a desire to console themselves with sweets and other high-calorie food. Chronic lack of hormones of joy leads to depression, nervous breakdowns, moral and physical fatigue.

Trusting sex with a regular partner brings 3 times more pleasure than contact with an unfamiliar person.

4️ reduce the Risk of cardiovascular disease

Regular sex significantly reduces the risk of various cardiovascular diseases: stroke, heart attack, etc. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that sex is the same cardio training, only at times more effective.

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Sports training did not affect this number of muscle groups simultaneously, like during sex. And the blood during sexual intercourse accelerates so that the walls of the vessels are cleaned, and even new vessels are formed.

5️⃣ strengthen the immune system

People who have sex at least twice a week, have a stronger immunity. From the lonely people the body's defenses by 30% weaker. This is explained by the fact that sexual intercourse 1.5 times increases the formation of phagocyte cells responsible for the detection and destruction of cells affected by viruses.

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As you can see, sex is not only the most pleasant experience, but also very healthy!

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