5 products that steal our beauty and which you had no idea

Self-Care is fine, but true beauty comes from within. To achieve clean radiant skin, thick hair and a slim figure is sometimes enough to reduce the use of certain products.

Everyone knows that fast food, semi-finished products and sugar are very harmful. But along with them there are 5 non-obvious products that steal our beauty. Experts advise not to give up everything, but simply to observe the measure. Let's see what products are hidden danger!

1. Milk

Usually fermented milk products are easily absorbed by the body, but the milk in pure the species is well tolerated by less than 20% of adults. Moreover, harmful substances contained in the feed for cows and falling into the milk, cause the appearance of puffiness and rashes on the skin.

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2. Spicy spices

Excessive use acute spices promotes vasodilation, which entails the appearance of redness (especially in the eyelids and nose). No wonder the term "spicy face"was coined.

3. Gluten-containing products

Gluten (a special protein), which is found in some whole grains, can cause digestive problems: under its influence the intestinal walls stick together. This has a negative impact on the state of the body and the external a: edema and spots (most often on the chin).

Advice! As an experiment, try for a couple of weeks to give up gluten-containing products and watch how your health and appearance will change.

4. Black tea and coffee

These drinks dehydrate the body, disrupting the kidneys. Ugly bags under the eyes and morning puffiness can be a real punishment for coffee and tea lovers. What to do? Replace black tea with herbal tea and coffee with chicory.

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5. Red meat

Free radicals are formed When this product is used. Experts compare this process with the "rusting" of the body. It entails the appearance of wrinkles, loss of skin tone, as well as deterioration of hair, nails and teeth.

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Do not Completely abandon the above products be sure, but it makes sense to limit their number in your diet!

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