5 principles of the Okinawan diet to eternal youth

Now in the world there is a cult of slenderness, so almost every day there are new diets. Most of them help to get rid of excess weight, but not all slow down aging and contribute to longevity. And the famous Okinawan diet is aimed at just that.

On the Japanese island of Okinawa people live up to 100 years, while rarely suffer from obesity and heart disease. Scientists from around the world came to conclusion, that all of this thanks to special nutrition. Let's look at the 5 main principles of the Okinawan diet for eternal youth!

1. Eat well and without overeating

In Okinawa, people like to repeat a phrase that translates to " Eat until the hunger starts to disappear." The first signals of saturation begin to arrive when the stomach is filled by 80%, and this point is important to catch in time.

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In one meal Okinawans eat a lot of different products, but in small portions. A variety of flavors helps to feel the saturation faster. Light soups, which are served at the beginning of each meal, perfectly dull hunger and help reduce the amount of calories consumed during the meal.

2. Healthy carbohydrates

Residents of Okinawa in large numbers to eat healthy carbohydrates. Unlike the Japanese, they eat less rice, replacing it with sweet potatoes. And instead of wheat or rice noodles eat buckwheat (soba).

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One Third of the Okinawan diet consists of vegetables, mostly yellow and green. In General, the Okinawan diet is high-carbohydrate. Healthy carbohydrates are not transformirovalsya in fat and are only for the benefit. 

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3. Animal and vegetable seafood

Okinawans often eat fish, squid, mussels and octopuses'. Their menu also contains seaweed (prickly tongue Mine, seaweed, etc.). They are low-calorie, but contain a shock dose of iodine, iron and calcium.

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Seaweed is dried, marinated in soy sauce and vinegar, and then added to soups and stews of shellfish, fish and pork (the only kind of meat that eat Okinawans).

4. Fermentation products

Fermentation makes hard-to-digest products easier and more useful. Why is this happening? Useful bacteria in the fermentation process break down complex compounds into simpler, neutralize plant poisons and produce vitamins.

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Fermented foods (such as miso, Tempe, and properly cooked soy sauce) are exceptionally healthy. Probiotics contained in them, normalize the balance of intestinal microflora and improve gastrointestinal function.

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5. Power mode

Okinawans eat 3 times a day. Breakfast must be dense. The morning meal of Okinawans includes vegetables with tofu, boiled cereals, Japanese omelet, fish, green tea. After such a Breakfast snacks is not needs.

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For lunch, usually eat miso soup, some dish of pork and seaweed. Dinner should be easy. It can consist of grilled fish dishes, stewed vegetables and fermented foods.

At the time, the Okinawan diet made a splash not because it allows you to lose up to 5 pounds in a week. First of all, it is used to improve the body and extension of youth!

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