5 habits that make us look older than our years

The Science is still not known a tool that would easily have made us forever young. However, scientists can tell exactly what habits make us look older than their years.

Check whether you every day a crime against their own beauty – and always take action!

1. Sleep 5-6 hours a day

Lack of Sleep is a disease (because the body's defenses are weakened), overweight (because metabolism slows down, and appetite increases), cognitive disorders, bruises under the eyes and skin tone lost.

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To avoid looking older than his years, and feel good and to have good health, you need to sleep at least 7 hours a day. It is important not only the amount of sleep, but also how much you go to bed. Midnight if you watch a TV show or dancing in a club, and Wake up only 12 hours day, then the desired effect you will not get! The ideal time for falling asleep is 22:00-23:00.

2. The habit of always something to chew and drink through a straw

Many people like to drink through a straw, but because of this small wrinkles are formed around the mouth, which is almost impossible to remove. And the habit of always something to chew on also leads to the formation of wrinkles and negatively affects the skin of nasolabial triangle's.

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Desire constantly something to chew on will relate to the neurotic spectrum disorders. Therefore, every time you want to reach for a handful of carrot sticks, nuts or crackers, it is better to meditate: close your eyes, stop the internal dialogue, relax and imagine something pleasant. In this case, breathing should be smooth and calm.

3. Abuse of scrubs

Of Course, periodically the skin needs help to get rid of dead particles and impurities. But too much zeal in this case is also bad. Frequent use of scrubs with coarse abrasive particles weakens the protective properties of the skin: the risk of inflammation and infection increases, and the aging process is faster!

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Carefully approach the choice of scrubs, especially if you have dry skin prone to small morcinek. The most gentle way to cleanse the skin – acid peels. ?

4. Unbalanced nutrition

According to different data, from 60% to 75% of adults eat unbalanced: their diet lacks fruits and vegetables, especially in the cold season. But fruits and vegetables are saturated with antioxidants that successfully fight the aging process.

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An Adult woman needs to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily to maintain her beauty and health. But from sugar and sugar-containing products it is better to give up, as they damage the natural collagen – a substance responsible for skin tone.

Note! Best place to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables ? since they were grown in natural conditions, and therefore contain a maximum of useful elements. In addition, the price is usually lower.

5. Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol abuse are the most obvious habits, that make us look older than our years. Smoking harms not only the lungs but also the skin. This habit accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and makes the complexion dull.

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As for alcohol, it makes the skin more susceptible to the influence of adverse environmental conditions. In addition, alcoholic beverages contribute to dehydration, which is also very harmful to epidermis's.

Not Yet invented the means to eternal youth, but it can be extended if to avoid some habits!

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