5 fatty foods that are useful for weight loss

"I do not eat anything fat" - often say girls who want to lose weight. And for good reason! After all, there are fatty foods that are useful for weight loss.

Talk about 5 fatty foods that does not hurt a slim figure.


"Alligator pear" 75% consists of healthy fats that are not deposited on the stomach and waist, and are absorbed and split, thereby accelerating metabolism and promoting weight loss. In addition, avocado helps to reduce appetite and create a feeling of fullness in the stomach. This is due to the high fiber content (about 16 grams per fruit).

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil (especially olive and almond) contains a large amount of useful oleic acid, which is also known as omega-9. It effectively reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, thereby contributing to weight loss. An additional useful property of oleic acid is to improve brain activity and slow down the aging process organism.

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The Most useful vegetable oils made by cold pressing without heat treatment. Otherwise, a large number of useful elements are destroyed.


Cheese is one of the most valuable products. It contains probiotics, vitamins A and B12, as well as a lot of phosphorus and calcium. Protein compounds that are part of the cheese are easily absorbed by the body. Want to lose weight it is better to choose mozzarella cheese. It is 20% from useful fatty acids, but it is considered a low-calorie product.


Nuts are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, beneficial fatty acids, essential oils and trace elements that improve the body's performance, in particular, accelerate metabolism. Therefore, they are an important part of a healthy diet, despite the high caloric content.

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Also, the nuts are excellent suppress hunger, so they are considered an excellent snack during weight loss.


Oddly enough, but eating fat is not a barrier to weight loss, but rather contributes to the process. This product is easy to digest, gives a long-term feeling of satiety and accelerates metabolism thanks to omega fatty acids.

In Addition, fat helps to remove toxins from the body, not allowing them to be deposited in the tissues. Choose salted, baked, smoked and boiled lard is not recommended. It is better to opt for salted fat.

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As you can see, certain fatty foods do not harm weight loss, but, on the contrary, contribute to the achievement of the ideal figure!

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