5 delicious and healthy snack options for losing weight

Often precisely wrong snacks become cause of excess weight. Buns, chips and hot dogs are the main enemies of a slim figure.

For those who always want to chew something, we have compiled a list of 5 delicious snacks that will not be a threat to a beautiful figure!

TOP 5 best snacks

Complete diet should consist of 3 main meals and 2 snacks'. This approach avoids sudden changes in the level of insulin in the blood and the emergence of a strong sense of hunger that leads to overeating. However, snacks should be correct and contain no more than 200 calories!

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1. PP sandwiches. Many are accustomed to make sandwiches from white bread, butter and sausages, that, of course, no good body not bears. And here is PP-sandwich from 30 grams of Borodino bread, 30 grams of avocado and 30 grams of red fish contains less than 200 kcal and enriches the body with useful fatty acids.

2. Nuts and seeds. 200 calories get 2 tablespoons of nuts (10 pieces almonds) or seeds'. This amount is enough to satisfy hunger. Nuts and seeds are best pre-packaged in portion bags and take with you as needed.

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3. Yogurt. 300 g of natural yogurt (3.2% fat) contains only 198 calories. At the same time, this product brings invaluable benefits for the body: normalizes the balance of the intestinal microflora and improves digestion. You can turn an ordinary yogurt into a real delicacy by adding pieces of berries and fruits. This option is a real salvation for sweet tooth.

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4. Fruits and vegetables. On 200 calories can be eat 2 large Apple or medium-size banana, 1 ripe persimmon, 35 tomatoes-cherry and 500 gr carrot! Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of valuable fiber, which cleanses the body and promotes rapid saturation.

5. Smoothies. Recently, low - calorie soft drinks-smoothies are very popular. They perfectly satisfy hunger, enriching the body with useful elements and without adding extra calories. For example, a smoothie of 150 ml of one percent kefir, 60 grams of raspberry, strawberry and banana contains a little more than 100 calories!

These 5 options snack will perfectly satisfy your hunger and will bring the body to only one use!

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