5 breast growth products that really work

Small Breasts may be caused by genes, and may be a consequence of the lack of the main female hormone - estrogen. Its low level in the body makes the figure boyish, contributing to the loss of volume in the hips and chest.

Estrogen deficiency is Often observed in women after 40 years. It is possible to fill its quantity by means of products which contain phytoestrogens - natural hormones!

Flax Seeds

This product is considered to be the leader in phytoestrogens content. In addition to the hormonal effect, flax seeds have many other useful for female body properties. They have a rejuvenating and cleansing effect.

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Flax Seeds can be added to cereals or eaten with honey. However, it is important to follow a rule: a day is enough 2 table spoons'.


The popular name of this plant is the motherboard, but we are more accustomed to call of oregano. It is widely used in herbal teas for women.

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A Teaspoon of herbal raw materials is brewed with a glass of boiling water, cooled and drunk during the day. This tea helps not only to restore the hormonal background, but also to calm the nervous system.

Some believe, that thumping can increase yeast, cabbage, honey and milk, however this is only myth.


It Is recommended to use not only sesame seeds, but also sesame oil. Add these products can be salads, pastries, soups or homemade cakes.

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Also, sesame contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and iron, which are very important for women's health. Just one tablespoon of seeds will provide a tenth part of the daily value of these elements.


This plant is traditionally native to India and the Mediterranean. Even in ancient times fenugreek was used for breast augmentation. Its seeds can be prepared infusions, and the stems to add to salads or brewed as tea.

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Since ancient times, Asian peoples have cultivated lentils not only as food culture, but also as a remedy. In addition to phytoestrogen, this product contains a large amount of b vitamins, beta-carotene and calcium.

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Lentils are well absorbed by the intestine and rarely cause discomfort that occurs after eating legumes.

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In Addition to the use of products for breast augmentation is to perform exercises aimed at the elaboration of the pectoral muscles. For this purpose, suitable push-UPS and bench press. It is also recommended to do breast self-massage.

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