4 secrets of unfading youth of Japanese women

Japanese women became famous all over the world for their unfading youth: their porcelain skin, graceful silhouette and lack of wrinkles even at a respectable age are admired.

Of course, this appearance can be attributed to climate and genetics. However, beautiful Japanese women have secret ways of maintaining beauty and youth that we can take on note!

1. Probiotics

Japanese women believe that true beauty comes from within. In direct sense. The condition of the skin depends on whether the intestine is healthy. Therefore Japanese women actively use products containing probiotics that help to normalize the intestinal microflora.

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The Main sources of probiotics for residents of the land of the rising sun are Kombucha (Kombucha), miso soup and a variety of pickled vegetables.

2. Algae

In Japanese culture, seaweed is one of the key places. From them prepare the food, make medicines and homemade cosmetics. For example, dry sheets of nori soaked in warm water and apply layers on the face. Nori perfectly smoothes wrinkles, evens skin color and eliminates pigmentation.

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But the algae wakame is distinguished by its fat-burning properties. It is added to food, and is also used to prepare mixtures for anti-cellulite wraps and creams.

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3. Rice water

Japanese women consider Rice water to be a healing decoction and drink it in the morning to awaken all body systems and remove accumulated harmful elements. In addition, this drink helps to accelerate metabolism.

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The Recipe for making rice water is quite simple: for one part of the unpolished rice, take 4 parts of the water and cook for about 3 hours on low heat. Alternatively, bring to a boil, remove from the stove and leave to infuse overnight.

4. Dishes with collagen

Collagen is a special protein that supports skin tone and firmness. After 26 years the amount of this protein in the body is becoming less, but you can make up for its lack with the help of certain products.

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The broth of tendons and bones contains a record dose of collagen fibers. Also rich in collagen dishes such as aspic and aspic.

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As you can see, to stay forever young, as a Japanese women is a snap. Enough to adhere to described above 4 - ' s secrets beauty!

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