4 non-obvious reasons to lose weight, and 4 solutions

Do You eat right and maintain physical activity, but it is still impossible to lose weight? "Culprits" that may be non-obvious reasons, which few people think.

We are not talking about any serious health problems to be treated under the supervision of specialists. Everything is much easier and most importantly – solved on their own. Next, consider 4 reasons and 4 decisions.

Reason #1: Lack of sleep

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Quality sleep plays an important role in the process of fat burning, as it contributes to the production of the hormone leptin, which suppresses appetite. But with lack of sleep, the production of leptin decreases, but the synthesis of stress hormone increases cortisol's. It increases appetite, as a result of which a person overeats. In addition, cortisol contributes to the rapid transformation of energy, coming with food, in body fat.


The Solution to this problem is obvious and difficult to do for those who are used to go to bed after midnight, and in the morning to run to work. However, at least for the time of weight loss, provide yourself with a full sleep. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. The optimal time to fall asleep with 22:00 to 23:00. Before going to bed, it is recommended to take a walk in the fresh air. Also, quality sleep is facilitated by listening to calm melodic music.

Reason #2: Water imbalance

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Water is the basis of life. All biochemical processes in the body, including fat burning, occur with its participation. In addition, water helps to remove the accumulated slags and toxins that slow down the metabolism. If the fluid in the body is not enough, then to effectively say goodbye to excess fat, is out of the question.


To maintain optimal water balance in the body drink at least 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water per day. And in hot weather, at elevated body temperature and during intensive training, this volume should be increased. Be sure to drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. This will help to activate the metabolism in the morning. It is also recommended to drink water half an hour before meals to reduce hunger. But immediately after a meal is not recommended to drink, as it can cause fermentation in the stomach.

Reason #3: Inefficient liver

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Liver is the main participant of lipid metabolism. It is in this organ that substances necessary for the utilization of excess fat are synthesized. Also, the liver is involved in the process of digestion and neutralization of aggressive toxins. If the liver does not work effectively, the metabolism slows down and you can not reset weight.


Liver Function can be optimized if it provides the necessary trace elements and nutrients. In your diet should be foods rich in allicin (onion, garlic) and glutathione (avocado, walnuts). Also for the regeneration of liver cells is useful to use curcumin (found in seasonings such as Kari). Curative choleretic effect have cauliflower, pumpkin, olive oil.

Reason #4: Regular stress

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For many modern people, constant stress has become a common condition. But it suppresses the production of some hormones and increases the production of others, making our body immune to insulin. As a result, we experience not just hunger, but an increased craving for sweet food. No wonder women have a favorite remedy for stress – chocolate and cakes. In his turn, the body, getting an excessive dose of sugar, forced to dispose of it, transforming into fats.


To stay calm in any situation, learn special breathing techniques and meditations. Baths with aromatic oils and massages are a good way to relax. Also effectively eliminate stress different types of creativity – drawing, knitting, embroidery, beading, etc. Find something that will bring you joy and help to escape from daily problem. It's definitely better than sitting around eating stress buns.

Following the above recommendations, you can definitely lose weight and improve your health!

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