4 diets, the effectiveness of which is proved by scientists

Now in the world there is a cult of slenderness, so every day there are more and more diets. Among the thousands of options is very easy to get confused and make a mistake when choosing the most effective methods of weight loss.

However, there are 4 diets that really work according to scientists!

1. Paleodieta

This food system is also known as the stone age diet. It consists of products that our ancestors ate before the advent of agriculture.

Eggs, fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fish and meat form the Basis of the diet. But beans, tea, coffee, sugar, cereals and dairy products are banned. It is believed that they contradict the genetic structure of a person and have a negative impact on his body.

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Research scientists, which were held in 2007, 2009 and 2014 the years have confirmed the effectiveness of Palaeolithic of the power system. Subjects who followed this diet lost more weight than those who sat on a regular diet for diabetics and a high-carbohydrate diet with low content fat.

Any diet has its contraindications, so it is necessary to consult a doctor before use.

2. Vegan diet

Veganism was Previously considered a special philosophy that was based on on the rejection of the exploitation of animals in any form. However, now many people adhere to the vegan food system not only for humanitarian reasons, but also to get rid of excess weight.

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Vegan diet completely excludes from the diet products of animal origin. But food of plant origin can be eaten without restrictions.

Research, conducted in 2013, showed that vegan diet really helps to reduce weight and improve the body. After several months of the experiment, vegans managed to lose an average of 4.3 kg, and people from the control group - 0.1 kg. Also, the first decreased cholesterol and blood sugar.

3. Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet consists of such products as vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts, seafood, fish and olive oil. A glass of dry wine is available in the morning. At the same time, the amount of meat in the diet should be reduced to a minimum, and products containing TRANS fats and preservatives should be completely abandoned.

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Of Course, such a power system is not it promises a rapid loss of extra pounds, but numerous studies have shown that it is effective in the long term. In addition, the Mediterranean diet helps to improve heart health. Dr. Ramon of Estruch conducted a large-scale research, the results of which showed that this nutrition system significantly reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

4. Atkins Diet

The Essence of the diet developed by Dr. Atkins, it is based on a decrease in the diet of carbohydrates and an increase in the amount of protein. Fruits, sugar, cereals, alcohol and sweet pastries are completely excluded.

True, at different stages of the diet, certain positions have returned. Recommended products include eggs, low-fat fish, seafood, dairy products, tofu, skinless poultry and hard cheese.


In 2007 in Stanford investigated efficacy of 4 popular diets: Atkins, Ornish, "Zone" and LEARN (low fat diet). In the end, sitting on the Atkins diet lost 3 times more weight than those that followed other diets.

Choose the diet that will not make you suffer, and start losing weight!

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