4 delicious snacks for weight loss with simple recipes

Sandwiches are considered the most popular snack. However, for their preparation is often used white bread – the main enemy of a slender figure.

If you love the original diet meals, then you will enjoy 4 delicious meals prepared with no need bread!

1. Appetizer of tomatoes, greens and cheese

All the ingredients of this snack are harmoniously combined to taste and enhance the beneficial properties of each other.

photo Source: youtube.com (channel Advice for the future)


• 2 large tomatoes;
• 4 pieces of mozzarella cheese;
• a handful of asparagus;
• spinach;
• spices to taste.


Cut the Cheese and tomatoes into rounds and asparagus into small pieces. Tear the spinach with your hands. Put the products in the following order: tomato, cheese, spinach, tomato, asparagus, tomato, cheese, spinach, tomato. Use spices to taste.

2. Appetizer of bell pepper and Turkey

This snack resembles a sandwich, but instead of bread it uses bell pepper, and instead of sausage – baked Turkey.

photo Source: youtube.com (channel HEALTHY FOOD)


• bell pepper;
• spinach:
• cucumber:
• piece of baked Turkey:
• cheddar cheese;
• lettuce leaves.


Cut the bell pepper in half and remove the seeds. Inside, put the spinach, sliced cucumber, a piece of baked Turkey, cheddar cheese and lettuce.

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3. Chicken breast sandwich with greens

Chicken breast is a quality source of easily digestible protein, and spinach and arugula is considered a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

photo Source: youtube.com (channel Tips for future reference)


• chicken breast;
• a piece of low-fat ham;
• teaspoon of natural yogurt;
• spinach and arugula.


Cut the Chicken breast lengthwise and cook in a pan without oil or on the grill. One side breast oil natural yoghurt. Then put arugula, spinach and a piece of ham on it.

Note! ☝ As snacks are perfect not only a variety of snacks, but also fruit smoothies. ? ? ?

4. Dessert snack

Diet – not a reason to indulge your sweet tooth. From time to time you can indulge yourself with a dessert snack of Apple and blueberries.

photo Source: youtube.com (channel HEALTHY FOOD)


• Apple;
• peanut butter;
• blueberries;
• cashew.


Remove the core from the Apple and cut into rounds. Cut blueberries in half. Roundels grease with peanut paste, put blueberries on top and sprinkle with cashew.

Note! ? If you adore sweet, then you will definitely like diet desserts with simple recipes.

Often wrong snacking cause weight gain. However, the above snacks will not be a threat to your figure!

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