4 additional tricks for your weight loss

All know that to lose weight need to eat less and move more. But what to do if you do everything correctly, and excess weight does not leave?

It Turns out that weight loss is influenced by 4 things, which are difficult to guess. They then can be decisive factors on the way to the desired weight loss!

1. Are in cold

The Main part of body fat is so called white fat. Its excess settles on the hips and waist, forming ugly folds. However, there is brown fat, which is struggling with white fat, consuming it for heat generation.

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You can force brown fat to work harder by reducing the temperature of the environment. For example, take a cold shower or wear lighter clothes. Importantly, not to catch a cold!

2. Chew your food thoroughly

Scientists have established a link between the rate of chewing food and overeating. It turns out that the saturation signal it takes time to reach the brain. So the slower you eat, the less likely you are to overeat. In addition, thorough chewing is good for digestion.

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No wonder in the market of gadgets for weight loss is popular digital plug that blinks if there is too fast (that is, bring the pieces of food to your mouth at intervals of less than 10 seconds).

It's interesting! ☝ In pursuit of the desired harmony people sometimes lose all common sense. Is some of the wildest ways to lose weight ? that are still used.? ? ?

3. Drink green tea on an empty stomach

It is recommended to drink warm green tea On an empty stomach. The caffeine contained in it helps the body to cheer up, recharge and accelerate metabolism by almost 20%!

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In addition, this drink helps to bring the body of accumulated harmful substances and excess fluid. In order to strengthen the positive properties of tea, you can add citrus juice, mint, natural honey or cinnamon.

Note! ? Also for weight loss you can use delicious fat-burning cocktails. ? ? ?

4. Take pictures of everything you eat

Most of us lack self-control and motivation. To better control what and how much you eat, start taking pictures of all the techniques foods.

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You'll Probably be surprised how many simple carbs you eat per day. And after about a week, get a complete picture of your eating behavior and be able to adjust your habits.

To prepare for a series of holidays and to please yourself and others with a beautiful figure, follow these tips!

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