3 super exercises to help men burn belly fat

Protruding stomach is a common problem of many men. The main reason for its appearance is the lack of physical activity.

However, every man will be able to easily get rid of belly, if you start to regularly perform a set of 3 simple exercises!

Exercise № 1

1️ lie back on the floor, lift your shoulders and head slightly. Place your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees, and place your hands along your torso.

2️⃣ exhale, stretch right hand to right heel. As you inhale, return to the starting position.

3️⃣ Repeat on the other side.

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Do 3 approach on 15-20 times. During the exercise, it is important not to tear the lower back from the floor. Rest between sets need no more than 30 seconds, and between different exercises - no more than a minute.

Exercise № 2

1️ lie On your back, with your hands along your body or behind your head.

2️ legs Extend. Neck, shoulders and head lift. Bring the shoulder blades together, shoulders straighten.

3️ lift your Legs and bend your knees slightly. Start "spinning the bike" feet.

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Do the exercise for 30 seconds. Then take a break and do another 2 sets.

Exercise 3

1️⃣ Lie on your back, lift your head from the floor, his hands fold on his chest or pull over the head.

2️ place your feet shoulder width apart and bend at the knees.

3️⃣ exhale lift the shoulders so that the waist wouldn't get off the floor. On an inspiration return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 20 times.

photo Source: the-challenger.ru

Note that the body quickly adapts to stress, so need to increase the number of sets and reps, and also add variety to the exercise program.

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If performing these exercises you will combined with proper nutrition, then very soon you will be able to say goodbye to beer belly!

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