3 secrets of the ideal figure from actress Natalia Rudova

Actress Natalia Rudova remembered viewers not only for their talent, but also a beautiful figure. However, do not think that she was just lucky with genetics. The actress admits that she is prone to fullness and can recover from just one look at the bun.

The figure of Natalia Rudova is the result of constant efforts. The actress is happy to share the secrets that help her always stay in perfect uniform!


Actress two times a week, do fitness and Boxing once. If she for some reason does not get to the gym, then she trains at home. At home, the actress has a stepper rod (35 kg) and dumbbells (4 kg). But most of all she likes to do exercises on the press.

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Actress recognized, that not can afford to relax. It is worth it to miss a few workouts, as it immediately affects the figure, and to return to normal is very difficult.

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Natalia makes 3-4 meals and drinks at least 1.5 liters of water per day. For Breakfast she eats scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and if that day goes to the gym, then an hour later arranges a second Breakfast, eating buckwheat or quinoa. These grains contain complex carbohydrates that provide energy for intensive sports loads.

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Natalia is lucky that she does not like fatty foods (cakes, bacon, etc.). However, from time to time she can afford to eat a piece of cake with jam or a few cubes of bitter chocolate, and in the New year to eat Olivier and herring under a fur coat.

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Note! ? If the actress needs to lose a few pounds, she uses chemical diet regimen Dr Osama Hamdy.? ? ?

Anti-Cellulite massage and wraps

Natalia does not hesitate to talk about the imperfections of your body. Recently, the actress admitted that struggling with cellulite: regularly goes to anti-cellulite massage, which takes an hour and a half.

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The actress Also periodically records wraps at home. They improve metabolism at the cellular level, maintain skin tone and make it smoother, eliminating cellulite bumps.

As you can see, the secrets of the beautiful figure of Natalia Rudova are quite simple, but to achieve a great result, they must enter the habit!

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