2 diet for a positive blood group menu, and the results

2 diet for a positive blood group menu, and the results

The Owners of blood group 2 are the heirs of ancestors-farmers, leading a quiet, non-nomadic lifestyle. These people literally thrive on a vegetarian diet. Our "civilized" products are often toxins in attractive packages. Meanwhile, for the representatives of the first group of blood it is especially important to get food in the most natural form, clean, fresh, organic products. If this is the case, then wonderful prerequisites for strengthening the immune system and preventing the emergence of various diseases.

What diet need a people with the second group blood? First of all, they need to know in the face of their main enemies – food that contributes to weight gain. This is primarily meat: poorly absorbed, multiplies the number of toxins. In addition, animal food slows down the metabolism of people with blood group 2, as deposited in the body in the form of fat. When they stop eating meat, at first can lose a lot of weight, because of the diet go toxic products. Dairy products are also poorly digested and provoke insulin reactions – another factor that inhibits metabolism. In addition, "milk" is a source of fats that worsen the heart and lead to diabetes and obesity. It violates the secretion of digestive enzymes, slows down metabolism and beans. Wheat is an ambiguous element of the diet of people with blood group 2. They can her eat, but not too much, because otherwise their muscle tissue will be over-oxidized.

These people need to pay special attention to healthy food with low content zsira. Foods that contribute to their weight loss – it increases the efficiency of digestion, rapidly metabolized soy products; accelerating peristalsis and making more efficient metabolism of vegetables; making digestion more effective, preventing fluid retention vegetable oils (especially linseed and olive). Do not ignore the pineapple: it helps burn calories, accelerates intestinal peristalsis.

On what else you can build menus for people with blood type 2? For example, on useful for them seafood. These are cod, sea bass, carp, salmon, mackerel, sea trout, river trout, sardine, hake, pike, silver perch, yellow perch, snails. It is advisable to use soy cheese and soy milk. Vegetables are especially good beets, broccoli, red onions, Spanish onions, onions, leeks, chicory, pumpkin, horseradish, kohlrabi, artichoke, carrots, parsnips, parsley, turnip, spinach. As a seasoning is allowed to use mustard; also from spices ginger, garlic, soy sauce are recommended. Menu holders II blood group should include cereals – buckwheat, rice, oatmeal; wholesome waffles, rice, and bread made with soy flour bread with sprouts. Of the fruits should pay special attention to pineapple, cranberries, blueberries, lemon, dried figs, fresh figs, grapefruit, apricot, cherry, BlackBerry, prunes, raisins. Useful juices – pineapple, dark cherry, grapefruit, carrots, apricot, celery, water with lemon. From other drinks are welcome green tea, decaf, red wine. As a snack will fall to the yard peanuts and pumpkin seeds.

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