1500 calories per day

Diet: 150 calories a dayThere are many diets that are accompanied by strict food restrictions. This may give some significant results, but a person with such a diet can easily break down and gain in a few days all so hard to lose weight. Also in this case, the body loses many nutrients. Lose weight and eat a balanced diet will help you 1500 calories a day.

Why 1500?

Today there are many options food restrictions for getting rid of excess weight. But many of them face serious consequences for the body. The best way to lose weight is to gradually lose weight, based on the principles of proper nutrition. So in your daily diet get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, but in the right quantities and in a properly prepared form.

1500 calories is the optimal number for saturation but not overeating.

In some cases nutritionists advise to reduce this figure to 1300 or even to 1000. However, this applies to those whose body weight is too large, and physical activity a person does not perform any at all. In most cases, in combination with exercises or training will suit you exactly this number of kcal. The effectiveness of this food is visible from the positive reviews. People do not have a constant need to eat and can treat themselves to a variety of products.
Diet: 150 calories a day

1500 kcal menu

This principle of nutrition is based on increasing the number of meals and its usefulness. The whole day should be divided into 5 parts. That's how many times you need to eat. Three receptions will be the main, and between them – two snack's. We offer you a varied menu for the day. Based on it, you can substitute products and experiment within the allowable caloric content.

  1. Breakfast: focus on carbohydrate foods rich in fiber. Better let it be some cereal. You can eat 100 g of oatmeal (buckwheat, rice) porridge with raisins or a mixture of cereals with nuts, seasoning it with unsweetened yogurt or kefir (150 g). The total caloric content should not be more than 500 kcal.
  2. Second Breakfast (snack): you can have a bite of nuts, rye crackers (cooked at home) or any fruit in the amount of 1-2 pieces. Wash down with a glass of green tea without sugar or fresh juice (if you do not have a snack fruit). The total caloric content is 200.
  3. Lunch: protein meal. Boiled, steam or baked fish, meat. The advantage is given to chicken breast, beef, Pollock, cod, hake. To Supplement this need a side dish of vegetables. If want liquid, cook soup on easy meat broth with vegetables, but, desirable, without potatoes. The total caloric content of lunch is 400.
  4. Afternoon tea (snack): fruit and dried fruit, fresh vegetables, wholegrain bread and cheese. From drinks – tea, juice. A snack should not exceed 200 kcal.
  5. Dinner: this meal is also small in calories – 200. It is better that it was protein: cottage cheese, boiled eggs, a piece of boiled meat, which can be washed down with a glass of low fat kefir or unsweetened yogurt.

Diet: 150 calories a day
Thus, your diet will remain balanced and varied.

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