1200 calorie diet: recipes

Today there are many ways to lose weight. Diets delight with their diversity, you can choose a way to eat for every taste. Eating some proteins or, conversely, fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities, drinking diets, etc. According to nutritionists, all this is very unfavorable effect on the state of the body. Shock weight loss will bring only problems with the stomach, skin, nails and hair.

Experts argue that the body should consume both proteins and fats, and carbohydrates. The extra pounds will go away when the caloric content of the daily diet decreases, when we gradually begin to consume our own "reserves", and not urgently make reserves in the form of fat deposits.

1200 calories – exactly the amount of energy we need for an active life. In this case, the body is not deficient, but loses weight. The main thing is not to exceed the limit. Our article will allow you to cook without going beyond the designated framework.

A Little bit about the caloric content of food

Following a daily diet of 1200 calories remember that proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be well balanced, and make 15%, 30 % and 55 % of the diet, respectively. Let's give examples of caloric content of the most common dishes. The most "heavy" are butter, mayonnaise, followed by a variety of meat products and sausages.

So 100 g fat pork will pull on 489 kcal, and boiled-smoked sausage – 420. The most "light" are fruits and vegetables, as a rule, they rarely reach 100 kcal. If you are on a 1200 calorie diet, the calorie tables should always be kept under hand and adjust your diet according to them. The question arises: how to cook a delicious and full meal, but do not go beyond the limits? We offer you several tasty and low-calorie recipes.

Low-Calorie soup

Let's Start with the first course, which will not spoil your figure. Prepare vegetables: carrots, asparagus, turnips, rutabaga, asparagus, cauliflower (1/2 head), potatoes, celery, parsley root, green peas (100 gr.), spinach (600 g). Just need on 1 thing. In addition, you will need a tablespoon of butter, herbs, salt. Vegetables wash and clean, then cut into small pieces, put in a pan and pour water. On slow fire we bring our broth to a boil and add spinach. Cook for a few minutes, put the oil and salt. Once again bring to a boil, our soup is ready.

Chicken breast Diet

As a second course we offer you to bake chicken Breasts with oranges in foil. The dish is prepared without oil, so we are pleased with 208 kcal in one serving. Take the chicken breast, clean it from the skin, wash and cut so as to obtain a pocket. In the resulting incision put a slice of orange, salt and pepper the meat, wrap in foil. Bake the chicken for 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 180°.

Healthy dessert

Girls, especially those who are on a diet sometimes, you must treat yourself to something sweet. 200 kcal yogurt dessert will fit perfectly into the chosen diet.

Ingredients: a glass of low-fat yogurt, oranges, a couple of glasses of orange liqueur, some powdered sugar and crushed almonds for flavor. Divide the oranges into slices, remove them from the film and spread on plates. Sprinkle the fruit with liquor and leave for a while, it should soak and give the juice. Whipped with sugar yogurt pour oranges. The final touch will be the nut sprinkling. To make dessert even easier will help a sugar substitute.

Bon appetit!

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