10 tricks for quick weight loss and maintain slimness

When another lady size "plus" nuggets with a coke, complaining about big bones, it is a sad smile. She sincerely believes that if the basis of her lunch is chicken fillet, and the drink is dietary, then her nutrition is correct, which means that genetics is to blame for everything. And the fact that these nuggets dripping oil from the deep fryer – so it's juice, they're just juicy.

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We all are sinful delusions. However, if the harmony and health of the body for you – not an empty phrase, the process should be approached so that it does not cause discomfort. Otherwise, breakdowns are inevitable, and the pounds will be back with his buddies in the appearance of cellulite and sores. Just a few simple tricks will help to lose weight and maintain harmony, enjoying life.

1. Dishes are more important than you think

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The Brain is used to determining portions "by eye", regardless of the real weight. The same food laid out on a large dish, dessert plate and saucer will be perceived as small/medium/large respectively. Just replace the dinner plates at home with dessert ones, and you will need a much smaller portion to eat.

Similarly, with the glasses – buy yourself a high and tight. So you will drink 25-30% less juice, smoothies or lemonade.

2. When I eat, I'm deaf and dumb

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There is need to slowly, carefully chewing every piece is known to everyone since childhood. But look at the TV, something to read, and even carry on a conversation nutritionists advise. The brain is simply distracted by these activities, which is why it misses the moment of saturation, and up to 30% of excess food gets into the stomach, which in other conditions you would no longer need.

3. In all heavy after diets

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About many diets a lot of reviews that after them, the pounds come back with a Bang. But let's be honest: there is nothing to blame on the mirror. You can not, in fact, a week after sitting on cabbage and rejoicing figures on the scales, go and eat a whole pizza on a thick dough or bacon and potatoes.

Any diet should end with a competent output, which is very gradually added products excluded during weight loss. At the same time, the basic principles of the PP must be strictly observed: , drinking, excluding carbohydrates a few hours before bedtime, physical activity.

Out of the diet should last no less than three times the period of the diet, and then the result will be fixed. If after restrictions to overeat, and having been frightened of fast increase in volumes – again to starve, such "roller coasters" will lead only to problems with health and increase of loose flabby fat.

4. The more you sleep, the less eat

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Recognized beauty Monica Bellucci and in his already long not a young age looks enlightening. She does not hide the main secret of his eternal youth – it is necessary to sleep at least 8-9 hours, but better – more. She's fine, of course, and she can afford it, you say, but let's not turn the tables.

How much time per day do we spend flipping the tape in social media? How much to watch TV? How much – on empty chatter, sometimes even with people who are not so interesting? If you carefully calculate the "thieves" of his time, then snatch an extra hour or two to sleep will almost everyone.

5. Move every time you can

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At work from his Desk to the table colleagues can ride on the office chair, and you can to stand and walk. You can climb the stairs, if time to pull his hand from the Elevator button, and walk a couple of stops and without public transport.

If to steel himself in the morning and do exercises, you will Wake up faster and will feel at times more cheerful and healthier. If you warm up every hour and a half with sedentary work, it will not be so tiring.

We can move much more often than in most cases do, and if you do not neglect the opportunities, you can lose weight without diets and even sports. Although the sport still does not hurt!

6. Want to eat – eat an Apple

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W every joke has a share of jokes, of course. Here is so and the old joke nicely:

"if you Want to eat – eat an Apple. You don't want an Apple – you don't want to eat!"

In fact, it turns out that this is the real rule of nutritionists. Under the feeling of hunger can be masked by many others: thirst, shame, sadness, anger, stress, resentment, boredom. Just think, would you eat an Apple now? If not, then you're not so hungry, drink some water.

7. Gum will save from temptations

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When you pass by a stall with Shawarma, you can choke with saliva – so spices irritate our receptors, causing appetite. Similarly, vanilla and cinnamon in fresh baking, the smell of caramel from popcorn in the movie. In such conditions, even a middle-aged man will want to chew something, and here they are – the sides of the jeans.

Buy mint gum without sugar for such cases. Its taste will freeze the taste buds and muffle the sense of smell, so the harm will not be so seductive.

do Not chew gum on a really hungry stomach – this will provoke the release of gastric juices, and with regular practice will lead to diseases of the stomach and esophagus.

8. Cook at home

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Most modern people understand that in restaurant dishes there is always more salt, sugar and fat than it would be in the same home. Cook at home at least 5 times a week, it will reduce the total number of flavors and fats, which will have a great impact on health and figure. At the same time and a new skill will pump!

9. Yoga – sport slim

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As recent studies have shown, those who practice yoga are on average 15 percent or more thinner than supporters of other sports. Scientists attribute this to the fact that unlike other activities, yoga is more a spiritual direction, in addition to the muscles, it develops peace and harmony with itself.

Less stress, which urgently needs to seize a chocolate – less extra inches at the waist. Profit!

10. Don't forget yourself pamper

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And finally: stop trying to force yourself into a rigid frame. Remember what Faina Ranevskaya said?

"If not eat bread, sugar, fatty meat, not to drink beer with fish – muzzle becomes less, but sadder."

We do not call sin in full, but still give yourself indulgence within reason is necessary. The mood is good, and the breakdowns will not pull if to afford 1/10 – 1/5 share what you really want. And then continue to adhere to PP and spend time actively, to figure is also pleasing to the soul!

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